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October 2017 Archives

Legal separation vs. divorce: what is the difference?

What is the difference in a legal separation and divorce? In short, the answer is that in a legal separation you are still married, and in a divorce you are not. Other than that, the two are essentially the very same thing, accomplished by the very same process and forms.

How to make sure you get fair parenting time with your kids

The hardest thing about divorce for many parents is no longer being with your kids all the time. You can miss out on holidays, sports successes or even more mundane moments, like losing a tooth. You want as much time as possible with your children. Chances are, you're asking for shared custody in your divorce. That's a great first step toward ensuring a positive, ongoing relationship with your children during and after your divorce.

Is a collaborative divorce right for me?

By the time some married couples make it to the divorce attorney, they can't even be in the same room without an argument. If that is you, then a collaborative divorce may not be the best path for addressing the many issues that come up during the divorce process. However, when spouses can go into a divorce on mutual terms, and are able to discuss matters amicably, then a collaborative divorce becomes a great option.

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