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Divorce preparation can ease the process in Washington

Divorce is typically not an easy process for the individuals involved. There may be heartbreak or sadness, and in some cases, disagreement or animosity. If there are children involved, their well-being will be of utmost importance for both the parents and the court. Clearly the process of getting divorced can be fraught with emotion and scattered with pitfalls that can derail the process at any time.

Fortunately, the State of Washington does not make the process of getting a divorce particularly difficult. The laws, in fact, are designed to facilitate the most amicable dissolution (or separation) possible. Unlike some other states, which require a showing of misconduct on the part of one spouse before a divorce will be granted, Washington's courts are designed to take the wishes of the parties into consideration. This, in turn, helps to ease the tensions and stressors that the parties must experience during divorce proceedings.

Another way to make the divorce process go more smoothly is, once you, your spouse and/or partner have decided that divorce is imminent, to prepare for the process. To do so, you'll need to get all of your financial information in order, like tax returns for the past two years and proof of your income (paystubs, for example) over the last six months. You will also need lists of all your other financial accounts, like retirement or investment accounts, as well as bank statements.

Putting together a comprehensive list of other assets, such as real estate, vehicles and any other effects that may have significant value, like art and furnishings, will also help prevent delays in the divorce process. Our firm has significant experience in helping couples in the Spokane area navigate the difficulties of divorce. Visit the divorce planning page on our firm's website to see how you should prepare and how we can help.

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