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How child custody is addressed during a divorce

Ending a marriage is challenging no matter what situation the partners to the couple find themselves in at the termination of their relationship. Even if they are both gainfully employed and amicable in their interactions they still must work through the gritty details of dividing their marital property and, if relevant, managing the important task of providing stability for their kids. When a pair of Washington parents pursues divorce they must prioritize the custodial well-being of their children.

As divorce divides a single household into two separate ones, child custody pursuant to a divorce works to provide children with a plan to balance their lives between those two new worlds. As readers may know, child custody relates to two separate but distinct aspects of caring for a child: legal custody and physical custody. While physical custody concerns where a child will live, legal custody concerns which of their parents has the right to make decisions about how they are raised.

Parents and courts are expected to create child custody plans that serve the best interests of the kids who will be affected by those outcomes. As different children have different needs, individual child custody plans must be customized to serve the general welfare of the kids they apply to.

During a divorce it can be hard for a parent to think about anything besides the end of their relationship with their spouse. However, with children involved in a divorce matters can become complicated and emotions can be exacerbated. The help of a divorce attorney can be very useful to those individuals who are unsure of how to approach their custodial responsibilities as they bring their marriages to their ends.

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