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Support considerations for a Washington divorce

While it can be easy to focus one's attention on the emotional aspects of a divorce there are a number of financial issues that must be handled as well. For example, if and how the parties will manage an alimony agreement or order must be managed. The parties must also address how they will ensure that their children are financially provided for.

Alimony is money that one spouse pays to the other so that the recipient spouse can get back on their feet once their marriage is over. It is not applicable in all divorce cases because in some situations the parties may both emerge with the capacities to provide for themselves. In marriages where one partner gave up employment opportunities or work to support the other and their shared family alimony is commonly awarded to give the recipient a chance to get back on their feet.

Child support differs from alimony in that it is used to support the payer's children. If a Spokane couple divorces and the father is awarded primary custody of their two children, the mother may be asked to pay child support so that she is still providing for them despite the fact that the kids are not physically in her home. It is expected that both parents will support their kids after their divorce is finalized.

Support obligations are binding on the parties once they are approved by the courts and as such are subject to enforcement efforts and penalties. While they can be changed it is important that individuals approach these modifications in a responsible way. Consultation with a divorce attorney is a good way to ensure that one's support responsibilities are fulfilled in the face of pending changes.

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