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September 2018 Archives

Legal separation is an option for Washington couples

For many individuals who wish to end their marriages, divorce is the clearest and most obvious choice. A divorce severs the binds that a marriage creates and permits once-married individuals to return to their single statuses and live without the commitments to their former partners. However, not all individuals who want to end their marriages choose to pursue divorce.

Should you hold joint birthday parties after divorcing?

You and your spouse get divorced and you have a 5-year-old child together. During the whole process, you try to put your child first. You set up a joint custody schedule so that the child still gets to see you and your ex, for instance, and you try to make the transition as easy as you can.

Red flags: Is your marriage headed for divorce?

You know divorce may happen, but you do not want it to come as a surprise. You are constantly wondering just how strong your relationship really is. Maybe you've heard friends or family members talk about how they thought their marriages were rock-solid until they got blindsided by divorce papers.

How will community property laws affect my divorce?

Washington is a community property state. This means that any property that is considered marital will, in most instances, be split evenly between the two parties to a divorce. Therefore, it is important that readers understand what the state considers to be marital property in order to understand how the community property laws of the jurisdiction will impact their divorces.

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