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Generational differences affect divorce rates

In generations past it was not uncommon for young Washington residents to head down the aisle toward marriage when they were in their late teens and early twenties. There were many reasons for this phenomenon, including the historic position of women as dependent upon their husbands for financial support and the higher rate of young people entering the workforce instead of pursuing their educations after high school. Now, however, young people have a world of options in front of them when they leave secondary school and are choosing to marry later in life.

This shift has had a dramatic effect on the national divorce rate. According to a recent study undertaken by the University of Maryland, the rate of divorce across the country has dropped by 18 percent between the years of 2008 and 2016 because young Americans are staying together after they wed. As individuals wait to get married and are more confident in who they are before they join legally with others, they are in a better position to maintain lasting, successful marriages.

This is not to say that divorce is a thing of the past. It is definitely not. Individuals in Washington and every other state in the country are affected by strife and irreconcilable problems that make sustaining their marriages impossible.

Divorce rates may be coming down, but that does not mean that divorce will become a relic of generations past. Men and women have the right to live happy lives with the people of their choosing. When divorce is a necessary component of maintaining the health and balance of a person and their family they may wish to meet with a divorce attorney to weigh their possible options.

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