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How can virtual visitation foster my relationship with my child?

Giving up time with one's child can be the most difficult part of a divorce for a Washington parent. After spending years of their child's life in the same home with them a parent can feel as though a part of their heart is missing when they must live in a place where their child does not reside. When a parent is not granted physical custody rights and does not have the responsibility of meeting their child's day-to-day needs, they may be able to secure visitation rights with them to protect their important relationship.

Visitation can be scheduled or flexible and must meet the best interests of the children it serves. Readers are reminded that as with all matters related to family law and divorce, the outcome of two visitation hearings may look very different depending upon the facts of each matter. Understanding one's visitation options should be brought up with a reader's divorce attorney.

However, for some noncustodial parents, distance and time may prevent them from being able to spend physical time with their kids. Whether due to relocation or other factors, a parent may be unable to pick their child up for the type of visitation time that most people are familiar with. In such situations virtual visitation may fill a need to keep parents and kids connected despite the obstacles in their paths.

Virtual visitation involves the use of technology and electronics to allow parents and their kids to FaceTime, Skype, text, email and engage in other platforms to communicate. Virtual visitation sessions can be scheduled just like standard visitation, and restrictions may be placed on virtual communications if necessary. Readers interested in virtual visitation can discuss this option with their lawyers as a means of improving their communications with their kids.

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