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How you benefit from filing an uncontested divorce

Getting divorced in Washington isn't easy. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do. However, a divorce is also a fresh start.

Once you get through ending this marriage, you can move on to a new chapter in your life. While you want to ensure that the outcome of the divorce is fair, you don't necessarily want to have to deal with protracted, drawn-out court proceedings.

Even if you don't fully agree with your spouse right now, it may still be possible to arrange an uncontested divorce. That can allow for a much faster, more streamlined divorce process.

Not only is a faster divorce easier for you and your spouse, but it can be more affordable. It's worth considering if you believe there is any possibility of agreeing on terms, especially because it can benefit your children.

Uncontested divorces allow you to set your own terms

It isn't always easy to work out arrangements with your ex, but doing so can benefit both of you. Not only can it speed up the process of divorcing and keep the costs lower, but it can give you more influence over the outcome. Instead of letting a judge rule on the terms, you and your ex can work together to set the terms for both asset division and child support.

Once you agree, you can include the terms in your filing for divorce. Then a judge only has to sign off on the documents, after ensuring they comply with state law. Nothing gets left to chance or the whims of a judge in an uncontested divorce.

Instead, you have to set terms and standards that you and your ex can agree on. Typically, this requires that you both compromise. If you can't work together, your attorneys may be able to facilitate a workable resolution.

Co-parenting is often easier after uncontested divorces

Battling it out in court often results in very strong emotions between spouses. Anger, resentment and even guilt over how you behave can all develop through the course of your divorce. This can make things difficult if you need to work with one another to parent your children.

Filing an uncontested divorce can avoid acrimonious fighting, and, therefore, facilitates a healthy relationship after your divorce. Hopefully, resolving your issues and agreeing on terms helps you develop a healthy foundation upon which to build a co-parenting relationship.

If you are considering an uncontested divorce, you still want to have good legal representation to ensure your best interests are watched out for. It can be hard to keep a clear mind when going through such an emotional time, and working with a professional can make things much smoother.

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