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Setting up custody with full-time work loads: A challenge

One difficult thing to do is to manage a parenting plan when both parents work full time. It can't be easy to share custody when you both work similar hours, and deciding who should have custody of your children when you're unable to watch over them yourself can be quite the task.

For some parents, family members can step in and watch their children after school or in the mornings. For others, changing their schedules is possible, so they do so in a way that gives them both the most amount of time with their children. However, for people with few relatives or family members to work with and similar schedules, custody becomes a real problem.

How can you parent when you're both full-time workers?

The first thing to address is when you're home. If you and your ex-spouse create a calendar showing the times you're available, you can both easily find the times that overlap and those that don't. Arranging visitation and custody to fall on days that don't overlap is first. For example, if you take Monday and Tuesday off work but your ex-spouse takes Saturday and Sunday, then it makes sense for your ex to have custody on the weekends and for you to maintain custody on Monday and Tuesday.

In this example, there would only be three days left to account for. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you'll both have to consider what time you get home, who is more available to care for your child and if daycare or other options are a necessity. If your child goes to school, the parent who has them Monday and Tuesday may want to keep them in the same home until the weekend or switch nearer to the end of the week.

The one step of major importance is to have a designated primary parent. If you always know who is the parent who is meant to have custody at any particular time, then you know what to expect.

For instance, if your child is staying with you on Thursdays and is sick at daycare, then the daycare should reach out to you first, even if you're at work. The same is true on the other parent's custody dates. This helps take the pressure off you or your ex-spouse when you're on the clock and not on a planned custody day.

These are a few things to consider. It can be hard to work out a schedule with two full-time jobs, but it is possible.

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