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What options are available for missed child support payments?

Having a child is more than an emotional commitment: it is a financial commitment as well. From making sure that a child has a safe place to call home to keeping them fed and adequately clothed for their surroundings can force a Washington parent to cut back on their savings as they invest more into the health and happiness of their child. Most parents relish in being able to take care of their families, but for custodial parents who are dependent on support payments, getting by when money is lean can be tough.

Their situations may be made even harder if their children's noncustodial parents fail to make the child support payments that they are bound to provide. Whether they are committed to payments through court orders or party-made agreements, noncustodial parents who are obligated to pay support must do so or be subject to enforcement efforts when they fall behind.

If a child's noncustodial parent stops making support payments the custodial parent has options. They may wish to have the paying parent's wages garnished so that money is pulled directly from their paychecks and sent for the benefit of the parents' shared child. The custodial parent may be able to have certain items of property taken for payments or have tax returns confiscated in compensation for missed child support sums.

It is important that individuals who are caught in this unfortunate and damaging situation speak with their family law attorneys as soon as possible. For the benefit of their children, it is important that they address missed child support payment issues as quickly as possible so that they can work toward meaningful resolutions to their issues.

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