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July 2019 Archives

How is retirement affected by divorce?

Nowadays, more and more people are waiting until they are older to end their marriages. According to the Pew Research Center, the divorce rate has approximately doubled since 1990 for people over the age of 50. While divorcing later in life has its advantages, there are also additional concerns for older divorcing couples to consider.

Children and lashing out during divorce

As you may know, a divorce can have a negative impact on children. It's not always true that they act out, but some children may as a way of exhausting their emotions. If they aren't sure how else to get their point across or don't have the emotional tools to find productive ways to state their grievances, sadness or anger, then children may act out instead.

Protecting your money during a divorce

In the past, it was generally assumed that once a couple got married they would combine their finances by creating a joint bank account. Nowadays, however, many couples, particularly "millennials," are choosing to keep their finances separate even after marriage. A survey by the Bank of America revealed that close to 28 percent of married millennials, compared to only 11 percent of "Gen Xers" and 13 percent of "Baby Boomers" are keeping their money separate from their spouse.

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