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January 2020 Archives

Why you need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce

You and your spouse tried to make a go of your marriage -- but it just didn't work. Once the romance faded, you quickly realized that you weren't really compatible on many levels, and your goals are different. You haven't invested much time or resources in the marriage, and there's little to dispute, so you're willing to part as friends -- and want to do so as quickly as possible.

Virtual visitation can help you stay close in a miltiary divorce

Serving in the military often means that your personal life suffers because of the duty implicit in your job. Active duty service members often find that they just don't have enough time to spend with their spouses and children, no matter how much they try to prioritize their family. The alienation that can result from long periods of time without contact with your family can undermine your marriage and increase your chances of a divorce.

When will a court require a maintenance order during a divorce?

Going through a divorce means more than ending a personal relationship and coping with the emotional fallout of terminating a legal marriage. It also means dividing up property, settling debts and deciding how each former partner will support each other, if at all, when they return to their single lives. In Washington, courts can require certain divorcing parties to pay their exes maintenance if certain conditions exist.

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