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Military same-sex couples have marriage recognized nationwide

One issue that is frequently coming to the forefront in Spokane, Washington, and throughout the nation has to do with same-sex couples and how the changes to the United States laws are affecting them. Whereas in the past, Washington State recognized a domestic partnership, other states did not follow suit in granting same-sex partners recognition of their marriages. That, however, is now different with the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision that marriages between people of the same sex must be acknowledged across the country. For military couples, this is significant.

What information is needed to end a domestic partnership in WA?

Same-sex partners in Washington State and across the country are watching closely as the perception of a domestic partnership and the legality of a marriage changes seemingly by the day. While the concept of marriage is being defined differently, it is unavoidable that many marriages will end in divorce. Understanding the state law when it comes to dissolution of a marriage whether it is same-sex partners or opposite sex partners and the legal issues therein is key to ending the union with both parties being treated fairly. The information provided is imperative.

Same-sex partners in Washington await ruling

For same-sex partners in Spokane, throughout Washington State and across the U.S., there is a consistent flux as to whether their domestic partnership agreement will be recognized everywhere. In spite of Washington State's acknowledgement of domestic partnerships, the overriding issue of same-sex marriage is still awaiting resolution across the country, with a pending decision from the U.S. Supreme Court regarding this situation.

Addressing the complex issues involved in same-sex separations

For many years, same-sex partners fought for their rights to have their relationships recognized by the state of Washington and across the United States. Now that the state is transitioning any existing domestic partnerships to marriage in the coming months, issues of same-sex divorce may be more of an issue for some. These unions will face the same legal issues when ending a marriage that other couples do and it can be very important to have an understanding of the sometimes complex elements of such situations.

How do the new state laws affect same-sex couples?

Major changes have been made recently when it comes to same-sex partners in Washington State. Understanding how these changes will affect same-sex couples is important when dealing with numerous issues. The state has provided detailed information regarding same-sex partners and how their relationships will be viewed under the law going forward.

Navigating legal issues for same-sex couples

In Washington State, the legal issues surrounding same-sex couples are being watched carefully as the laws across the United States change. In the state, same-sex couples are subject to the same laws as couples of the opposite sex. When there is a decision to part ways, the same legal issues that confront male-female couples often confront male-male and female-female couples. These can have to do with property, custody of children and the other factors that await resolution when a split happens.

What to know about a domestic partnership in Washington

How society views relationships has changes significantly over the last few decades, so much so that many states have struggled to keep up in regards to the law. But despite this fact, the Washington legislature has tried very hard to keep current with societal views and to pass legislation that reflects these views.

Some domestic partnerships in Washington to become marriages

Couples in registered domestic partnerships in Washington may get a big surprise in the mail soon. The state will be converting many domestic partnerships to marriage on June 30, and they are sending out notices to couples in registered domestic partnerships in Washington.

Justice Dept. announces equal protection for married gay couples

Many people in Spokane may be aware that Washington State laws provide domestic partners with most of the same rights and responsibilities afforded to married couples. At the time of dissolution of a domestic partnership, rules pertaining to legal issues such as property division, alimony, child support, child custody and child visitation are identical to those applied to married couples divorcing. This rule now applies to married same-sex couples too.

Gay marriage or domestic partnerships? Federal court to rule

Marriage is no doubt considered by most a sacred bond between two people, even in this day and age, from the quietest suburb in Washington State to its busiest thoroughfare. Yet, the passage of time has witnessed the legal and societal recognition of relationships other than a marriage. Domestic partnerships, for example, represent one such relationship, which denies a couple certain benefits that would otherwise be granted only to married couples.

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