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Thinking of adopting? Here's what you should know

If you are thinking of expanding your family through adoption, there are many things to consider. Not only is it important that your family is a good fit for the child, it is also important that you understand the legal process in Washington. When it comes to matters of family law, state regulations can often be complex and difficult to navigate. A local Washington attorney will be your greatest resource while you go through the adoption process.

How Washington State deals with property division

Family law issues are not uncommon in Washington State and when a couple decides to end a marriage, property and how it will be allocated will frequently come to the forefront. It does not necessarily have to be a high asset divorce for there to be a contentious dispute regarding how this will be handled. There could be sentimental items that both spouses want to keep for themselves. Having a grasp on the legal factors involved can either help avoid rancor or assist in settling the situation in a satisfactory manner.

The importance of legal help with adoption in Washington State

In Washington State and across the country, adopting a child is a common occurrence and is considered a noble endeavor. Not only does it help people who, for many reasons, choose to adopt to form a family, but it also benefits the children. However, as with most family legal issues, adoption can be a complicated process rife with potential trouble spots. This is why it is imperative to have a full understanding of the process in both a personal and legal sense. To do that, it is wise to have assistance from an experienced attorney.

When is a guardian ad litem appointed in an adoption in WA?

In Washington State, an adoption can be a difficult and costly process. There is no doubt of its rewards, but it is important to understand all the family legal issues that can arise. One particular issue that can come up is if it is necessary to appoint a guardian ad litem. A previous post discussed what a guardian ad litem does and the importance of the role he or she serves. It is also crucial to have a guardian ad litem in certain types of adoptions.

Legal assistance with grandparents' rights in Washington State

In Washington State, it is not unusual for grandparents to come to the forefront in caring for their grandchildren. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as if the parents are not able to care for the child, being deployed in the military, being incarcerated or simply deciding to let the grandparents be in charge of the child. In some cases, this can turn into a dispute as to who has the right to take care of the child on a permanent basis.

How does family law view presumptions of parentage in WA?

It is not uncommon in Washington State for marriages to end and for there to be a dispute over child custody. However, there are certain aspects of family law that must be understood if there is a question regarding parentage. With the majority of marriages, there is no disagreement as to whom the parents of a child are. The spouses are the parents and the law makes this presumption. If the parties do not believe this to be the case, however, the spouses need to know what the law is before moving forward in a dispute.

How child abuse or neglect affects family legal issues

An unfortunate aspect of family law in Washington is one that happens all too frequently: child abuse and neglect. Many people might not be fully aware of what legal avenues are available to them to do something about this. Sometimes, it has an effect on custody and there is the threat of violence precluding a parent from moving forward to settle these family legal issues. Understanding how the legal system views these matters can help a parent settle the dispute, or another relative can take steps to protect the child.

Can parenting plans be changed via post-divorce modification?

When a Spokane couple divorces, the agreement that is in place to finalize the end of the marriage will often have issues that one person or the other would like to have changed. A common problem has to do with custody of children and visitation. The state has rules when it comes to dealing with situations in which post-divorce modification is sought. Many might be under the impression that these family legal issues cannot be changed, or that it is an overtly difficult process. However, it is possible in some circumstances to have the custody decision changed.

Can family law issues be settled with a separation agreement?

When a couple in Spokane chooses to part ways, it can become an acrimonious situation with many family law issues in dispute. There can be disagreements over alimony, supporting children, how property will be allocated and numerous other problems. In some cases, there is so much bad blood between the participants that it is a waste of time to try and come to an amicable resolution. In others, however, it is worthwhile to try and come to an agreement with separation contracts. This type of agreement can provide for maintenance of either party, decide who receives what property, formulate a parenting plan and avoid any other obligations other than those that are in this contract.

Family law and relatives seeking visitation with minor children

Family legal issues in Spokane can take many forms and involve a great number of people. One dispute that frequently arises is custody and visitation of a dependent child from members of the family that are relatives, but not parents. It's important to know how the law views these issues before taking the matter up in court should there be an objection to the visitation occurring.

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