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Prohibited marriages may be annulled in Washington

The state of Washington places restrictions upon whom a person may legally marry. Although same-sex marriages are now legal throughout the entire United States, certain unions are banned by the laws of the state. This post will discuss some of those prohibited unions and will also briefly introduce the topic of annulment.

What information is required to file for divorce in Washington?

As in other American jurisdictions, the State of Washington requires individuals who wish to file for divorce to provide certain pieces of information in their divorce pleadings. This post will discuss the requirements that the divorce plaintiff or initial petitioner must meet; readers of this blog are reminded that they should seek their own legal advice as they prepare to file for divorce to ensure all of the legal requirements applicable to their cases are met.

Alimony and child support have different tax consequences

When the members of a family live together and the parents of the family work and earn incomes, generally the money they bring in is pooled together for the support and maintenance of everyone in the household. However, when parents separate or divorce and divide their incomes to support two different households, the financial maintenance of the family's members can become more subject to change. In Washington and other American jurisdictions, courts can assign some parties to pay child support and spousal support, also called alimony, for the care of those individuals who no longer live in the payers' homes.

Don't lose contact with grandkids after your child's divorce

A Washington divorce is a legal process that breaks the legal bonds two people established between themselves through marriage. It separates their lives on many levels, allowing the formerly married parties to live separate and apart from each other, maintain new marital relationships, and hold title to property to the exclusion of their former spouses.

Financial considerations before creating a prenup

While a Spokane couple may not want to think about how they will divide up wealth and property if the union ends in divorce, many couples find doing so to be necessary and helpful. Effectively, creating a prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup, is doing just this. It is the negotiation of the parties' assets and debts into a property settlement plan that will save them time and possibly money if they choose to bring their marriage to its legal end.

A child's best interests should guide custody during divorce

Divorce can be the result when two married people find that they are no longer able to live together or function as a cohesively united pair. Although divorce does not have to be a challenging, acrimonious process, it can be very difficult to settle some of the vitally important matters that arise when two Spokane residents choose to end their legal relationship. One matter that can pose significant trials for divorcing parties is how to responsibly manage the custody of the children they share. In Washington courts and courts throughout many American jurisdictions, child custody decisions should be made after considering the best interests of the children.

Country singer files for divorce from actor husband

It may seem as though celebrity couples live charmed lives full of glamor and wealth. As Spokane residents read about them in newspapers and magazines, they may imagine how different their lives might be if they too were rich and famous. However, actors, singers and others who work in the entertainment industry are subject to the same heartaches and pain as regular people who must endure difficulties in their personal lives.

Third parties may have custody, support rights and obligations

The concept of a family has undergone a beautiful evolution over time. While once a family only consisted of a mother, father, and any children that may have been born from their union, it now extends to single parent households, blended households, households where grandparents raise their grandchildren, households with two parents of the same sex and other combinations driven by affiliation and love.

Could mediation work for your divorce?

When Spokane residents think about divorce, they often picture the acrimonious images that movies and television portray of angry adults and upset children tearing their lives apart through a contentious legal process. It is an unfortunate truth that some divorces are difficult and may result in hostility between the divorcing parties. However, not every divorce must be subjected to the confrontational process of a litigated divorce that most Americans are familiar with.

Why does one have to pay alimony to their ex-spouse?

Divorce is a delicate legal process that unties the many binds that connect two people who have been joined together by marital laws. In Washington, a couple may pursue a divorce for the partners to live their lives separately, pursue new relationships and gain their independence. Although, divorce generally allows former spouses to go their separate ways there are a number of factors that can force formerly married people to maintain contact, even after their divorce is finalized.

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