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Marriage debate obscures Washington domestic partnerships

With the upcoming election, Washington state finds itself embroiled in an ongoing debate over same-sex marriage. The heated arguments sometimes obscure the fact that the state already does have a domestic partnership registry that confers some of the same rights as marriage.

Revisiting child custody in light of Washington tragedy

As we all know, Washington state authorities were unable to protect two boys in a custody battle earlier this month. The family's social worker stood helplessly outside the locked doorway while the boys were inside with their father, who had been granted supervised visitation by the court. She called 911, but it was too late. The boys' father doused his house with gasoline and set it on fire, killing everyone inside. In the wake of this horrible tragedy, many states are now questioning their ability to protect children's rights and ensure their safety during custody disputes.

Texts, Facebook as evidence in Wash. family law court

Almost everyone has sent one emotionally-fueled e-mail that they regret. Or, maybe it was an angry, spur-of-the-moment text message or Facebook status update. As many in Washington state know, once you send such a message, it can be hard to take it back.

Washington state poised to OK gay marriage by Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day might mark more marriage proposals than usual in Washington this year. This is, of course, because the gay marriage bill was passed Wednesday night by the Washington State Senate and the House is expected to pass the legislation as early as next week.

Financial steps Washington divorcees may need to take

As tax season rears its head, Spokane residents may be scrambling to get their paperwork in order. Those who have recently divorced in Washington state--and those who are in the process of divorce--likely have a few extra financial tasks on their checklist.

Zooey Deschanel, who wed in Washington state, files for divorce

High-asset divorces in Washington often involve a very complex division of assets. From prenuptial agreements to division of assets, spousal support and equitable distribution statutes - there is much to consider in regard to a dissolution of any marriage.

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