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Will divorce mean splitting your military pension with your ex?

Getting divorced is often a difficult process. There are strong emotions involved, as well as the need to start developing a new plan for the rest of your life. That process may include reviewing your financial circumstances and adapting plans for the future, such as your retirement. One consideration that people may overlook in the initial stages of a divorce is the potential impact of the end of their marriage on their retirement, including their pensions.

Military deployment and child custody: The reality

When you're getting a divorce, you want to make sure your children get the best of both worlds. You want them to get time with you and the other parent while also feeling supported and having a stable routine. This is sometimes difficult, especially if you're about to be deployed.

How do courts divide debts, like credit cards and student loans?

When facing divorce, many people feel overwhelmed by all the potential changes. After concerns about child custody and visitation, questions about financial changes, including the division of marital assets and debts, are typically the most pressing. The greater your overall level of assets, the more reason you may have for concern. After all, you've become acclimated to a certain standard of living during your marriage.

Will a history of substance abuse impact custody in your divorce?

Getting a divorce means ending what was likely the most important relationship in your life. It also means major changes to other important relationships, such as the ones between you and your children. You may worry about the outcome of custody proceedings, particularly if you and your spouse cannot agree to terms for shared custody.

What happens to your retirement fund when you divorce in WA?

There are a lot of variables to a divorce that can leave those considering ending their marriage confused and worried about the future. Custody of minor children is often a concern, as is how the courts will handle dividing your assets. You may find yourself worrying about the implications of a divorce on your financial future.

Same-sex marriages create a demand for same-sex divorces

Obtaining the federal right to same-sex marriage was a massive step toward equal civil rights for the LGBTQIA community. In fact, it may represent the biggest national win for same-sex couples to date. For many long-term couples, the right to marry and have that union recognized in any state was a massive advance.

What can you do when your ex denies your visitation time?

For many parents, the hardest thing about going through a divorce is having reduced time with their children. When your spouse has custody during the divorce, he or she could refuse to allow you reasonable visitation or parenting time. That can leave you feeling isolated and angry. Thankfully, state law in Washington protects your rights as a parent, including your right to a relationship with your children.

How to make sure you get fair parenting time with your kids

The hardest thing about divorce for many parents is no longer being with your kids all the time. You can miss out on holidays, sports successes or even more mundane moments, like losing a tooth. You want as much time as possible with your children. Chances are, you're asking for shared custody in your divorce. That's a great first step toward ensuring a positive, ongoing relationship with your children during and after your divorce.

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