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Is joint custody best for your child?

It can be difficult to go through the divorce process at any time in your life. This is even more so the case if you have a child with your soon to be ex-spouse. In addition to details associated with your divorce, such as matters of property division, you also need to focus on those involving your child.

3 considerations for military fathers in child custody spats

Even in the best of circumstances, child custody disputes can become tense. When you are in the military, the situation can become even more complicated. However, there are some key things you need to know, which can help make the process easier and simpler for your family. 

Your ex suddenly announces she's moving away-with the kids

Whether you're in the military or manufacturing, the high-tech or healthcare sector, you know how often, and how quickly, job relocations can happen. They're not always by choice. But if you share custody or have visitation rights with children from a previous marriage, what's to stop your ex from leaving town-or the state-with your son and/or daughter?

Men battle for visitation rights in spite of Washington law

In Washington State, paternity disagreements can lead to emotions running high, and they can affect child custody, the parents' relationship with their children, visitation rights and much more. When parental rights are at issue, paternity is sometimes a key component. As with any legal issue concerning family matters, having competent legal advice often means the difference between a satisfactory resolution and a continuous battle regarding the child and the parents.

What is the law for a parenting plan and visitation rights?

One of the common issues that comes up in a Washington State child custody dispute is how the parenting plan will be established. State law has certain criteria when it comes to visitation rights, the best interests of the child and parents maintaining a relationship with children. Understanding how this law deals with the process can smooth any issues that will inevitably arise.256

Child custody, parenting problems and a child's say in Washington

Unfortunately, in some Washington State child custody cases, there are parenting problems that make the situation difficult and require legal intervention on the part of the courts. In certain instances, one or both parents will have personal issues that render them unable to be effective and trustworthy parents. Frequent issues that the courts see include child abuse, neglecting the child, domestic abuse, substance abuse, the decision on the part of one parent to withhold the child from the other parent, impairments that limit or eliminate a parent's ability to take care of the child and abandonment.

Child custody orders if one parent is serving in the military

Child custody is often a difficult issue for parents to get through in Washington State. There are many factors that go into parenting time, the best interests of the child, how the parents deal with one another and much more. Personal circumstances often affect emotions and how the parties deal with the situation. One particular issue that can arise is if one parent is a member of the military.

Washington law for relocation and child custody

Child custody can be a complicated and difficult issue for couples in Washington State. Even after the situation has seemingly been resolved, there is often a disagreement that comes to the forefront if the custodial parent is planning a relocation. Washington law deals with this from the point-of-view of the Relocation Act. Parents who are facing this possibility must understand how the law works, what a relocation will entail, how it encompasses the relationship with children and visitation rights.

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