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What is the presumptive minimum child support obligation in WA?

An earlier discussion on the amounts in child support that must be paid in Washington State centered on the maximum amount that the state requires. Another topic that is important to both the paying and receiving parent is the presumptive minimum amount. The most important factor that goes into the child support formula is the care that the child will receive and that he or she will get everything necessary in terms of medical care, housing and nutrition among other things. The income that the parents earn is also important when the determination is made.

When can Washington child support enforcement assert a lien?

A parent in Washington State who has failed to adhere to an order to support a child can face numerous penalties as a means of child support enforcement. When there are delinquent payments, the state will take steps to make certain the child is provided for. One such tactic that can be used is the assertion of a lien on personal or real property.

Limits on retroactive pay for child support in Washington

Retroactive payments for child support -- also known as back support -- are often worrisome issues for parents in Washington. It is important for Washington parents to understand how the law views these issues, and what the limits for back support are when the child support order is made. Parents who do not fully grasp this issue might have a problem making the monthly payments and the back payments after the support agreement is established. This can lead to problems with child support enforcement and everything that entails.

How is the maximum amount of child support determined in WA?

Washington parents who share a child, but are no longer together as a couple will undoubtedly understand that there will likely be child support involved. Few, however, are completely aware as to all the different rules and calculations that go into how much will be paid under state law. The state has guidelines in place that limit the amounts that will be paid with what is similar to a floor and a ceiling. It generally will not go beneath the floor, and it cannot go above the ceiling. Knowing how this is determined is important for both parents as they plan for the future. The following deals with the highest amount that a parent must pay.

Pursuing child support if the other parent has left the state

Custodial parents in Washington State who are supposed to be receiving monthly payments from a supporting parent might not realize that there are steps that can be taken to secure the money regardless of where the other parent has gone. Those who are violating the support agreement and have left the state or absconded from the country can still be pursued by Washington State child support enforcement. The key is knowing what to do to receive what is owed.

Requesting a child support modification in Washington State

A frequent problem that parents who are ordered to pay child support will face is what to do if they would like to have the agreement changed. Child support modification is possible in Washington State, but it must be done according to the rules. There could be many different reasons for the attempt to alter a child support order. The most important factor is to follow the proper steps to getting this done.

License suspension for failure to pay child support in WA

News stories in Washington State and across the country often tell of parents who have failed to pay child support and end up being arrested. However, there are other penalties that may not end up on the evening news, but can be just as damaging to a person who is found guilty of delinquent payments of child support. One is by initiating a license suspension.

Can there be a deviation from the child support formula in WA?

Washington State uses a formula to determine how much child support will be paid from the supporting parent to the custodial parent. While courts do use this child support formula, there are times when it can deviate from the formula. Those who believe their circumstances are such that a deviation is warranted need to understand how courts decide on these adjustments.

How does income factor in when determining child support?

Divorced or unmarried parents in Washington often get into disagreements over child support orders. Parents on the receiving end of child support might believe that they need more child support than what is ordered, because they cannot afford their cost of living. On the other hand, the paying parent might be under the impression that the monthly payments are too costly. Knowing how the state goes about determining income and payments can help the process.

Enforcement of medical expenses in Spokane child support cases

One of the issues that must be handled when a couple shares a child and lawoffices.com/Child-Support/">child support must be paid is medical expenses. State law has certain rules for enforcement when the payments are not made. The state will pursue a parent who has not kept up with the required payments. There will not be legal ramifications if the supporting parent - the obligor - proves that medical coverage is provided through private insurance. If there is no coverage, the state will take steps to ensure that the obligation is enforced.

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