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Dad caught in child support lie in Facebook picture

Spokane residents who have not received child support payments regularly or at all understand the emotional and financial toll the process can take. The initial belief that a court order will be followed can quickly be replaced by a sinking feeling when checking empty mail boxes, month after month. A parent can feel disappointment, anger or resentment; and with good reason. The money that they receive is critical for the upbringing of their child. Without the support, a parent may find themself in financial distress.

Judge orders man to stop having children until child support paid

Spokane residents who have a child support order in place know how critical each monthly payment can be. For many families, the payment can mean the difference between being financially stable and financially strained. Delinquent parents who fail to make payments or frequently miss payments create a lot of stress on a parent with physical child custody, and in some cases, can place a burden on state resources.

How to take care of children in marriage dissolution

Washington couples who are considering the dissolution of their marriages may feel overextended while working through this tough time in life. Children, however, often also feel overwhelmed as they find dissolution or divorce very confusing. Children in divorcing families need a little extra help with the process.

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