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How will community property laws affect my divorce?

Washington is a community property state. This means that any property that is considered marital will, in most instances, be split evenly between the two parties to a divorce. Therefore, it is important that readers understand what the state considers to be marital property in order to understand how the community property laws of the jurisdiction will impact their divorces.

What to include in a Washington child support agreement

Parents may elect to allow their divorce courts to establish the parameters of their child support obligations, but they may also choose to create their own agreements regarding this important topic. Though courts generally must approve the child support agreements that parents make, parents can smooth this process over by including in their agreements the necessary terms that will bind them. All readers are asked to discuss how child support will be addressed in their legal cases with their attorneys; this post will briefly review some of the elements that child support agreements should cover.

How will my prenup influence the outcome of my divorce?

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that two people may draft and execute prior to their marriage. In it they may make certain decisions about how they will categorize certain items of property, what financial obligations they will be bound to if they divorce, and what responsibilities each will have during the tenure of their marital relationship. In Washington and other states throughout the country, prenuptial agreements can be invalidated if they were created through force, duress or otherwise compelled by one of the parties to the detriment of the other.

Tax implications of alimony will change at the end of the year

Earlier this year the Federal government passed an overhaul to the tax system that made some major changes to the way that Americans will be required to pay their hard-earned money over to the government. One of those changes will impact men and women who plan to divorce and who will be parties to alimony agreements or orders. Alimony is an obligation that survives a marriage and that requires one person to provide financial support to the other after their legal relationship has ended.

What are a stepparent's responsibilities to their stepkids?

A person who marries another person who has children from a previous relationship becomes a stepparent to those kids. The stepparent-stepchild relationship can be a special one, but not all Washington residents who enter into these associations know what their rights and responsibilities are with regard to the children of their new partners. This post will generally discuss what role a stepparent may play in the life of their stepchild, but as with all legal matters readers should seek their own advice to have their legal questions answered.

Support considerations for a Washington divorce

While it can be easy to focus one's attention on the emotional aspects of a divorce there are a number of financial issues that must be handled as well. For example, if and how the parties will manage an alimony agreement or order must be managed. The parties must also address how they will ensure that their children are financially provided for.

How child custody is addressed during a divorce

Ending a marriage is challenging no matter what situation the partners to the couple find themselves in at the termination of their relationship. Even if they are both gainfully employed and amicable in their interactions they still must work through the gritty details of dividing their marital property and, if relevant, managing the important task of providing stability for their kids. When a pair of Washington parents pursues divorce they must prioritize the custodial well-being of their children.

Celebrity divorce drama plays out in Washington State

When one reads about celebrity divorce shenanigans in the popular press, one could reasonably expect to see a byline of New York, Los Angeles or, perhaps, Miami. However, a recent divorce settlement with distinctively Washington roots has made a splash in the national media. In May, Francis Bean Cobain - the daughter of late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and musician and actress Courtney Love - announced that her split from Isaiah Silva had been finalized.

Study names Spokane divorce capital of U.S.

Clearly, divorce is much more common than it once was in the United States, with a large percentage of marriages ultimately being dissolved. On the other hand, since the 1970s, divorce rates on a nationwide basis have actually been declining. Even so, one out of every 10 people in the country is a divorced person who has not remarried. According to a recent study, more than 30 percent of divorced men and over 50 percent of divorced women are not interested in being married again.

Remaining amicable will ease the divorce process in Washington

While Washington does allow for contested dissolution proceedings, it is one of the states that understand that sometimes marriages or partnerships just come to an end. Most dissolved marriages occurring in the state are "no fault" divorces. In this type of proceeding, the petitioning party alleges that the martial bond is "irretrievably broken," and if the other party does not dispute the allegation, the judge will order the divorce after a 90-day waiting period.

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