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Recognizing signs of hidden assets in a high asset divorce

When a couple is heading for a divorce or is in the midst of a divorce in Washington State, how the proceeding will play itself out in regards to money is a common concern. Finances are a topic of dispute at the end of a marriage in any case, but if it is a high asset divorce, there are many issues that will come up like dividing property, retirement accounts, savings, stocks and other assets. Knowing what signs to look for if there are hidden assets and financial trickery going on can help avoid problems later on.

Important legal facts about Washington State divorce

There are times when married couples in Washington State are no longer able to stay together and must move forward with a divorce. Contemplating and moving forward with the end of a marriage can be more difficult that people think, and it's imperative to understand the way the state looks at marriage and how it can end. Issues such as annulment, legal separation, marriage dissolution and residency requirements can come up.

How is property division handled in a Spokane divorce?

Amid all the emotional upheaval and questions surrounding the future when a couple in Spokane gets a divorce, one of the most prominent issues that arises has to do with property division. There are certain rules laid out in the handbook of state family law that make clear how the end of a marriage affects property. While the idea behind marriage is to have a stable and happy home life and if it doesn't work out to part ways, there are always financial considerations that are must be viewed under the microscope as divorce legal issues and dealt with accordingly.

How do prenuptial agreements affect a Washington divorce?

When a couple in Washington State chooses to get a divorce, there are many issues that will be decided as the process moves forward. Some people choose to take steps before they walk down the aisle to protect themselves in the event that the marriage doesn't work out by creating a prenuptial agreement. These are also referred to as "premarital agreements." While this post is not meant to be a replacement for legal advice, there are certain facts about these agreements that must be understood both before the marriage and when a divorce is underway.

Reasons a divorce might be beneficial

For couples in Spokane and across the country, parting ways with a spouse is a difficult decision. This is true regardless of the constitution of the couple - opposite sex or same sex. It is true whether there are children or not and if there are significant assets as part of the marriage. It's important to remember that there are times that divorce might be a preferable option to staying together. Keeping various factors in mind is the key to making the determination whether or not to move forward with the end of a marriage or trying to work the problems out.

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