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Medical marijuana user wins child-custody battle

Most Washington parents would agree that spending time with their children is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, such a simple task can prove to be a huge challenge for some parents, especially those who are divorced. In these instances, parental relocation and child custody arrangements can be major barriers for individuals hoping to spend time with their children. While some divorced parents agree to share parenting plans and establish a residential schedule in which the child spends time with both parents, others face a drawn-out court battle over child custody itself.

Bill may enable Washington men to escape paying child support

Child support guidelines in Washington take into account the income of both parents while calculating the amount. When applicable, courts may also choose to deviate from these guidelines. The need for deviating may arise from special circumstances of a divorce, child support modification proceedings or paternity claims. However, in recent times, considering the court's bias in awarding child support to a mother, there have been various calls to bring about a change in the system.

Is it time for Washington State to have a separate family court?

In Washington, lawsuits related to bankruptcy, maritime and copyright disputes are heard by judges considered experts in their respective fields. While nearly 40 percent of cases in Washington's courts are related to family law, these family law issues are not always heard by a judge considered an expert in the subject.

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