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How is property division handled in a Spokane divorce?

Amid all the emotional upheaval and questions surrounding the future when a couple in Spokane gets a divorce, one of the most prominent issues that arises has to do with property division. There are certain rules laid out in the handbook of state family law that make clear how the end of a marriage affects property. While the idea behind marriage is to have a stable and happy home life and if it doesn't work out to part ways, there are always financial considerations that are must be viewed under the microscope as divorce legal issues and dealt with accordingly.

Wise strategies in a high asset divorce

People in Spokane who are ending a marriage and face the complication of a high asset divorce need to keep many things in mind as the proceeding moves forward. There are many issues that will arise and might be in dispute such as property division, how much will be paid in alimony, if there is a disagreement over custody of children and how much will be paid to the custodial parent for their upkeep. There are important tips that people who are taking part in a divorce with a vast amount of assets at stake need to pay attention to.

Judge issues decision in high-profile high asset divorce

In Washington State and across the country, there are a number of differences between a conventional set of family legal issues when a couple chooses to end their marriage and what is in dispute with a high asset divorce. Any divorce will have its difficulties due to property division, child custody concerns, spousal support and numerous other factors that will arise. If there are substantial assets that were part of the marriage, it's likely that both sides will do whatever they can to get as much as possible.

Common financial issues in dispute during a divorce

When a couple in Spokane decides to part ways and get a divorce, there are many issues that will come to the forefront. In some instances, there are significant assets that have to be split. A high asset divorce has numerous pitfalls that both sides would prefer to avoid. An equitable property division is obviously the goal, but considering that there will be numerous issues in dispute, that's not always possible. Couples might disagree about everything and want to get exactly what they feel entitled to. This can lead to frequent fears and concerns that must be assuaged to the satisfaction of all.

Not following court orders may cost you more than you think

No matter where you live, whether it's here in Washington or another state, judges take court orders very seriously. This is true even if the order comes from another jurisdiction. That's because, just as we have to follow the direction of the courts, judges have to follow the law; and if the law is specific about enforcing a court order, they too must abide by it.

How do the courts view pets in the divorce process?

Most people consider their pets a part of the family and wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world. But while this sentiment is heartwarming to say the least, it is also problematic in cases of divorce. That’s because, when it comes time to split property, most spouses often refuse to relinquish their right to custody of a pet. Each spouse sees the pet as a family member to which visitation and custody should be assigned.

Staying or selling: what happens to a house in a divorce?

Spokane residents who are in the middle of a divorce know that there are a lot of hard questions to answer and difficult decisions to make. Depending on the current relationship you have with your future ex-spouse, the division of assets can be relatively smooth process, or in some cases, it can quickly turn into a lengthy battle. One of the largest assets is typically a marital home, and many couples struggle with whom, if anyone will retain the property, or if it should be sold, with profits divided accordingly.

Potentially unforeseen financial pitfalls after a divorce

Spokane residents who have gone through a divorce understand that it can take a hefty financial toll. While divorce may seem like the beginning of a new chapter in your life, it can also mean increased bills and unforeseen expenses not originally contemplated when signing the dissolution papers.

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