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Your ex suddenly announces she's moving away-with the kids

Whether you're in the military or manufacturing, the high-tech or healthcare sector, you know how often, and how quickly, job relocations can happen. They're not always by choice. But if you share custody or have visitation rights with children from a previous marriage, what's to stop your ex from leaving town-or the state-with your son and/or daughter?

How is a relocation change with children handled?

When a Washington State couple shares a child and is no longer together, the best case scenario is if both parents try to have a relationship with children and agree on the visitation and living arrangements. That, however, is not always possible and there are times in which a custodial parent will choose to move to a different location. Relocation can be confusing and if the other parent has an issue with the choice to relocate and pursue an agreement modification when it comes to residency, there are legal steps to take to settle the matter.

High-profile child custody dispute with service member settled

In Spokane, when a couple shares a child and is no longer together, there are many difficult issues that must be sorted out. In some situations, the parental rights are called into question due to issues of safety and competence. In others, technicalities muddy the waters between parents and it is either a matter of the court deciding what will happen in the child custody dispute or the parents can try to find common ground for the child's own good.

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