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The fallout from same-sex marriage approval in Washington state

While many Spokane residents may be relieved the campaign season has come to an end, others may be asking what, if any, changes the state can expect to see. Of particular note was Referendum 74, which we all know passed in Washington state last week.

Supreme Court likely may decide same-sex marriage cases

Same-sex couples in Washington state who have already married or intend to marry will be interested to know that the U.S. Supreme Court is increasingly likely to address the issue of gay marriage soon. A decision from the high court would have a huge impact on family law questions all over the United States.

Will same-sex marriage be overturned in Washington state?

Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire signed a state law in February legalizing gay marriage in the state. Opponents of same-sex marriage in Washington state are trying to obtain 120,577 signatures in order to allow a referendum seeking to overturn the family law.

Varied gay marriage laws from state to state complicate divorces

Same-sex couples who marry here in Washington state might be in for a surprise if they try to divorce in a state that doesn't recognize their marriage. States that do not recognize same-sex marriage are trying to figure out if they can grant divorce filings of same-sex married couples.

Same-sex couple challenges DOMA's definition of 'family'

Washington state's recent passage of same-sex marriage puts state law at odds with federal law, particularly the Defense of Marriage Act. Readers of this blog will recall a previous discussion of the tax inequities caused by DOMA, and its impact on child support and spousal support in the event of a same-sex marriage dissolution.

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