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Varied gay marriage laws from state to state complicate divorces

Same-sex couples who marry here in Washington state might be in for a surprise if they try to divorce in a state that doesn't recognize their marriage. States that do not recognize same-sex marriage are trying to figure out if they can grant divorce filings of same-sex married couples.

Living together before marriage leads to divorce? Not anymore.

Relationship patterns have changed. Those changes, including more and more couples living together before marriage, have had a profound impact on family law issues such as division of assets, child support, spousal support and equitable distribution in the case of dissolution.

In court filing, Allen Iverson's wife demands names of mistresses

Spokane area basketball fans may have heard about the divorce drama of former NBA star point guard Allen Iverson. Iverson's wife filed for divorce in March 2010, but the two later attempted to reconcile. Now, Tawanna Iverson has filed for divorce again and recently filed a very strange request in court.

Financial steps Washington divorcees may need to take

As tax season rears its head, Spokane residents may be scrambling to get their paperwork in order. Those who have recently divorced in Washington state--and those who are in the process of divorce--likely have a few extra financial tasks on their checklist.

Zooey Deschanel, who wed in Washington state, files for divorce

High-asset divorces in Washington often involve a very complex division of assets. From prenuptial agreements to division of assets, spousal support and equitable distribution statutes - there is much to consider in regard to a dissolution of any marriage.

Heading toward divorce and retirement? Proceed with caution.

Many Spokane readers may be aware that filing for divorce later in life will likely affect your retirement security. However, Baby Boomers continue to be the most popular generation to dissolve their marriages and it is possible to end a marriage and preserve much of what you have invested into your retirement savings.

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